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All Terrain Expedition Trucks

An All Terrain Expedition Truck is your ticket to exploring the world!

Our All Terrain Expedition Truck is your ticket to the great wide somewhere. With our innovative and luxury designs, living on the road is a five-star adventure no matter how far off the beaten track you are. You won’t find designs like ours anywhere else in Australia.

Australian Owned and Operated Expedition Vehicle Manufacturer

When you purchase an All Terrain Expedition Truck from us, you’ll be supporting a 100% Australian owned company, operating out of sunny Queensland. You’ll also be purchasing a quality product backed by quality engineering. We employ local workers to build our lift roof German design camper bodies. This means our off road camper trucks are the best value camper truck bodies for full off-road travel. Perfect for the adventure enthusiast.

Engineer Certified Design

Our 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 expedition truck can be customised to suit large families or solo explorers. All of our campers are completely customisable, so you can tailor your camper to your personal taste, as well as the type of trip you’re taking.

Our expedition truck packages are engineer certified and comply with Australian Design Standard VSb1 and Australian Design Rule 62. Each camper is made from brand new components and materials, designed with practicality in mind and engineered to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.


Interested in Financing?

We can assist you in obtaining easy and competitive financing on all of our expedition truck packages. If you wish to obtain your own financing, we’ll work with your lender to make the process as seamless as possible.


Minimum Deposit

A mere 5% deposit is all you need to secure your expedition truck package. Then we can get your order booked in!


We Deliver Around Australia and Internationally!

We can organise your German design camper body to fit on a German man truck and have it delivered to just about anywhere in Australia or around the world!


Our Experienced and Friendly Staff Look Forward to Helping You Kick Start Your Adventure!

Our experienced staff are happy to walk you through our complete range of expedition camper trucks. We’re here to answer any questions you have, whether it be about a quote for delivery, or you’d like a tour of our showroom don’t hesitate to give us a call. We look forward to helping you kick start your adventure! See below for our contact details.

Browse Our Range

If you need a well rounded expedition truck, our 4X4 Expedition Truck is perfect for small groups and families. Our expert open plan design allows everyone to feel like they have their own space whilst you’re on the road.

Our 4X4 vehicle gives you plenty of space and control. What does this mean for you? More adventure! Our 4X4 vehicle is available for Australian customers and sleeps up to 8 people.

We now also have the top-of-the-line SCM CNC cabinet making machine and edge bander so we can offer you the best quality finish for your interior design for your expedition vehicle.

Compact, yet powerful our 6X6 expedition truck is not to be overlooked. With plenty of room for all the necessities and then some, it is perfect for any adventurer.

If you’ve ever dreamed of escaping to the great wide somewhere, our 6X6 expedition truck is your luxury escape vehicle. For all terrains, and all expeditions, no matter the adventure, our 6×6 camper truck can get you there safely, in style and comfort.

With its engineered German lift roof allowing for more room and sleeps up to 8 to 10 people. Only available for overseas customers.

Did you know that AT Trucks now has the top-of-the-line SCM CNC cabinet making machine and edge bander? It means we can now offer you an even more top quality interior design finish for your expedition vehicle!

Come on in and visit our showroom on the Gold Coast to view the all new 8×8 Tatra Phoenix with German Design lift roof Expedition body that is fully fitted out with style lite true gloss colour cabinetry with Miele appliances & Indel Webasto Fridge Freezers, King size bed upstairs & much more.

The 8×8 expedition truck body is painted in undercoat as its under construction & moulding is temporarily fitted while we wait for the arrival of our outbound windows from Germany with double glazing windows, skylights, hatches & door.

If you don’t like the interior design or colours that’s okay as we have a SCM CNC machine with edge bander in house. We can do any design interior you like with many colours. We can customise the vehicle to store a motor bike on the rear with spare tyres or you can have a quad bike lift up underneath the chassis at the rear. We can offer many optional extras on this outstanding expedition truck.

Browse Our Range

8X8 Expedition Trucks

Under Construction 8.5 Meter German Design Lift Roof with a Polaris RZR 1000 Turbo vehicle in the back

Sold 8x8 Tatra Phoenix with German Design Lift Root Expedition Body
Red Polaris RZR 1000 Turbo vehicle

6x6 Expedition Trucks

6×6 German Design Lift or Fixed Roof – Only Available Outside of Australia

4X4 Expedition Trucks

MAN 4x4

Under Construction 6.1 Meter German Design Fixed Roof MAN TGM 4×4

Man 4x4 Camper Truck

Unimog 4x4

Under Construction 6.2 Meter German Design Lift Roof Unimog 4×4

Green khaki unimog 4x4 camper truck

Iveco Daly 4x4

Arriving January, Under Construction 4.6 Meter German Design Fixed Roof Iveco Daly 4×4

Green lifted Iveco Daly 4x4 Camper Truck

Hino 817 4x4

Under Construction 4 Meter German Design Fixed Roof Hino 817 4×4

White Hino 817 4x4 Camper Truck

Visit Our Expedition Camper Trucks Showroom

All Terrain Expedition Trucks YouTube

It’s hard to understand the grandeur of our all-terrain expedition vehicles without seeing them in person! When you visit our showroom, you’ll be able to see our truck bodies for yourself. We know it will be love at first sight and ordering your own 4×4 MAN TRUCK or 8×8 Tatra Truck is a simple as putting down a deposit! If you need an idea of what our expedition trucks look like watch our virtual tour inside and around one of our all terrain expedition vehicles here.

We fit your lift up roof body with a customised interior design to suit your needs. Our fit-outs include quality German light fixtures and fittings, and superior appliances.

Once your 4×4 Man truck or your 8×8 Tatra arrives, we fit your body to a 3-point kinematic frame that has flex mounts for stress-free torsion elastic, which will mount your body and attach to your chassis for full off-road driving.

What are you waiting for? Kick start your off road camper truck adventure and visit our showroom today!

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